Interview with Sandra from Colombia (MA Social Entrepreneurship Student 2014)

Where are you from and what’s your background? Sandra

I am Colombian and for the last few years I’ve been living and working in Medellin. My last role before coming to London was with ‘Oro Verde’ or ‘Green Gold’, which is the world’s first Fairtrade sustainable gold initiative. I was in charge of linking our products to the international market.

Why Goldsmiths and social enterprise?

Coming from Colombia, I have always been interested in new models to help reduce inequality. I remember growing up and seeing people who are suffering and marginalized because they are poor. It makes you realise that even if you have a good life there are those who suffer around you. This motivated me to have a bigger social impact in my career than the more traditional business roles I could have had. So I have been working in the intersection of international business and environmental NGOs in Colombia for a number of years but I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the social business sector. I also think that this is a growing field with an increasing number of professional opportunities, especially in Colombia. So for me, I felt coming to London would help broaden my networks while also developing new knowledge in the sector that I could then bring back to Colombia.

How was your first term?

I really enjoyed the entrepreneurial modelling class because it gave me a new perspective on how to construct a business plan for a social enterprise. When you worked on the ground you don’t get that perspective so that’s been really useful! I also thought the seminars for our theories class were very interesting and interactive because they gave me the opportunity to develop my vision for the future as well as to explore the wider perspective of the field through my classmates’ ideas. We have learned a lot about new theories I can apply to social enterprise like the sharing economy and collaborative frameworks.

What do you like about Goldsmiths?

Everything is really colourful! Haha. And I love the diversity of backgrounds of my classmates and teachers. It’s a friendly environment to learn in.

Would you recommend this course to others?

Yes! Not just because of Goldsmiths, but also because London is such a great place to study in. You’re exposed to so many personal and professional networks.

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