Directions to ICCE

Directions to the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

The ICCE office is Room 331 on the third floor of the Professor Stuart Hall (PSH) Building.

This building is in the process of changing its name (buildings are smart these days!!) and some signs still point to its old name of New Academic Building (NAB).

This building is across the green from Goldsmiths’ main Richard Hoggart Building on Lewisham Way, which is five minutes’ walk from both New Cross and New Cross Gate stations. These stations are on London Overground and can be reached by getting the underground Jubilee Line and changing at Canada Water.

The main entrance to the Richard Hoggart Building is opposite the end of Parkfield Road. You can find it on Google Maps with the postcode SE14 6NW.

Go to the main building and either ask at reception (on the right, just inside the entrance) or just walk right through the building and the green is on the other side, and the PSH/NAB is the shiny new glass building right opposite.

The lifts to the third floor are at the back of the building to the right of the cafeteria.

Any problem just call the ICCE office on 0207 296 4255.




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