Interview with Christian (Current MA Social Entrepreneurship Student at Goldsmiths)

ImageWhere are you from and what’s you background?

I’m Danish and I’ve just finished a BA in Journalism at City University.

Why Social Entrepreneurship?

I’m really interested in positive journalism and a solutions based mentality to the challenges we face, so social entrepreneurship seemed like a natural choice and the course at Goldsmiths is one of the only pure social enterprise courses in the world.

Why Goldsmiths?

The course of course! But also because it’s based in London, which is a real centre for this field. Also, if I’d been able to curate my own MA program, this would have been it. It blends the practical and theoretical as well as touching upon elements of business, economics and sociology. I love the cross-disciplinary environment at Goldsmiths. I also feel like being at Goldsmiths and in London, I am exposed to a diverse range of project and future employment opportunities.

What else are you working on?

In my spare time I work as a freelance journalist and I always have lots of projects on the go!